You Don`t Need Amazing Sentences

Let`s talk about introducing your ideas so why is this good because it introduces the topic right we’re talking about performance-enhancing drugs so I’ve got that in the very first sentence yeah and words like temptation and phrases like impossible to resist these are pretty strong okay I mean again it’s not blowing anybody’s mind but this sentence it introduces the topic and it’s making kind of a strong statement at the beginning okay so again especially if you’re on on the clock if you’re being timed for your essay you can’t sit around and think about this amazing sentence just put something simple but not boring although I know that’s it’s hard to judge I guess sometimes okay so is equal saying it’s winter but it’s hot like this summer it’s true so it is the summer we should call it the the I guess the the summer like Olympics right.

Anybody here that was here last week we talked about the suffix like so we’ll say the summer like Olympics in Rio de Janeiro okay so this is a good a good hook okay but after that you don’t want to jump right into the thesis yet you’re not you’re not ready you want to give a little bit more context before you get to your opinion okay so things like think about what could you say doping is very common in many sports they’re thinking about cycling or running taking drugs is quite common athletes are under tremendous pressure to win athletes push their bodies to the physical limits pressure makes them desperate for a competitive advantage all of this stuff now I’m not saying you should put all of this information in your paragraph but you want to add a little bit more information about the controversy about the issue okay before you get to the thesis statement now the thesis statement as I said is the most important sentence of the essay now Guidry is saying drugs destroyed many athletes yeah and that’s that’s a great thing to put in that first paragraph – good I mean.

Well again not I don’t mean good but I mean good good answer it’s not good that it destroyed many athletes Rosa’s saying but how to write and persuade readers but you don’t have any information with a subject that’s a tough one that is a tough one now we I mean my answer to that one roses is usually I would say in most cases for especially for IELTS or something like that it will be a broad topic that that most people will have information about but yeah I mean if you don’t know anything about it yeah that would be that would be hard to do but if you’re at home and you get to do it for homework that’s what that’s what we’ve got Google for I guess is my is my answer to that not a great answer but there’s really no good answer for that question Rosa yeah good for you you’ve stumped me okay so the thesis statement is the spark the thesis statement is the engine it is the navigation it is the controlling idea of your entire essay.