Highlighting Key Points

When you think the paper would be worse if I would not emphasize that or my document would be worse if I don’t emphasize it to make sure the person reads that but again the more you emphasize the worse it gets spell-checking so if you use nearly every word processing system has a spellcheck I simply use it it’s really annoying if you read a paper and is this a lot of mistakes I also do a lot of mistakes a lot of typos grammar mistakes especially if you write in a foreign language or but even if I write in German that happens but be aware of your spellcheck and uses there’s no excuse to not do that you can even do something more than a spell checker you can do things like there tools like academic writing check which you can download here it’s a script which you can run over your document and it tells you how you failed you use a lot of weak words here use passive voice you should use active voice.

So this is done for English because most of the academic writing is in English but whenever you have to write in a scientific document if it’s in English you use the academic writing check again there are a lot of things that you may disagree with but at least eliminate those where you don’t care if you have a make a very strong point that you want to have something in a certain way do that also learn something about what’s called unbreakable spaces if you’ve a space you say the whatever figure one and you have a break that figure and the next line is one that really looks is really ugly that’s something you typically don’t want so learn about non-breaking spaces you can set non-breaking spaces to make sure this is not broken up avoid negation any negation so you wanna say we are not going to avoid that don’t use don’t use that it’s bad style nothings avoid useless acronyms so there’s a tendency in different fields to invent.

Always new acronyms for their great approach and yeah that’s typically something which is very bad and especially don’t use acronyms in the title or coin something new that’s but that’s not very not very good style what passive voice is I said before use active voice especially in English but all has same holds for German passive voice is a very weak statements use active voice say we solve this we do this this is nice saying every time you use passive voice the Kipnis guilt by God and you don’t want to have don’t want to have too many kittens being killed the other things are maybe it’s the last thing may also be important so make your paper easy to skim so if you can have a quick look so I just have one minute to look to the paper and see if it’s interesting I skim through the paper and I want to be able to see if this is relevant so you use things to highlight them key advantages.